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Living tomorrow: The future of loyalties

Hello world! Welcome to VISIT. A next-gen loyalty platform to create just one, global loyalty platform for everyone. The goal is simple: no app for every restaurant, but just one that you can use for all of them. There’s more: the app will work in every restaurant! Even if the restaurant is not subscribed to our loyalty system, you’re still able to scan the ticket and receive your rewards.

Damn loyalties

Loyalties are the best and I assume most restaurants or bars work with them. The problem is that they’re either on paper, so you need to carry it with you all the time. Or do the classic face-palm if they’re asking for your loyalty card and you forgot it at home or lost it somewhere.

The other option is that the restaurant has a digital loyalty system. But also here we have the problem that you either need to install an app to get the loyalties (like Starbucks, McDonald’s, …). For each chain or bar you go to, you need to install a new application. Chances are that you like to save up for some special deals, but you only use the app once a month as you’re not eating or drinking there occasionally.

This makes you install the application again after a while – and you lose your loyalties – or not install the app in the first place and won’t participate in any type of deals the restaurant offers.

Third-party loyalties

Sometimes restaurants and bars work with another platform that will take care of this. In that case, you don’t need any specific application, but you can install or use their website to collect some loyalty points. But one thing you can’t skip is the account creation. The restaurants may all use the same system, you need to create an account for each of them separately. Create an individual account with your email and password or login everywhere with your Facebook or Google account.

Your data is sold

The data of your account is sold. It’s unprotected, they all know who you are, what you do, what your eating/drinking habits are, … The restaurant and the global platform above know exactly who you are. That data is priceless and for restaurants, it’s super easy. They pay a monthly subscription and they can offer special deals to their customers.

However, the loyalty system behind all of this has all of that data as well and will sell it to whoever is willing to pay for it.

One app to serve and protect!

Meet VISIT. The app will protect your privacy with Web3 technologies. So everything is anonymous, yet everyone can see your data. You own your data and select what’s visible and what’s not. All your shopping, eating, and drinking habits are protected behind your Web3 Wallet. You can do whatever you like, sell your tokens, trade them for something else, or hoard them after every meal, …

This opens a whole new world of restaurant enjoyment and the loyalty cards we currently know. Join VISIT today and start earning your rewards, even when the restaurants aren’t VISIT members. it’s up to you if you want to score loyalty points or not.

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