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Our dream is simple, creating a more eco-friendly loyalty system across the globe, by removing paper receipts, plastic gift cards, or the simple paper punch cards correctly. The benefits are endless but will become clearer in a later stage of the project.

Unlocking the value of Loyalty Programs for Restaurants, making use of new technologies to build customer loyalty.

The evolution of restaurant loyalty programs

Restaurant-goers love loyalty programs, but only from a specific kind. It’s nice when you participate in the loyalty programs of the restaurants that you like, but in many cases, you only go there once and get handed out a quick loyalty card that if you come back 10 times, you get a free drink. This loyalty card either sticks an eternity in your wallet or the trash can at the corner of the street while exiting the establishment.

Some restaurants fancy software that handles the loyalty programs for them. The same software can be found over multiple different locations, as it is not restaurant-specific. This way you can get familiar with the loyalty software, but it turns out you need to create a new account for each of the places you go to. Why?! You are already in the system, yet you need to create a new account per restaurant to be able to collect their loyalty points.

For the bigger restaurants and chains, you have a custom app specifically for that restaurant. Like Starbucks or MC Donalds or other fast-food chains. They have custom applications that do much more than only loyalties.

In the ideal world, there is only one app that handles your loyalties with easy. So it doesn’t matter if you are just going to that restaurant once or multiple times. You don’t need to install a new app or create a new account. With Web3 technologies you have a simple wallet, that can be used everywhere – anonymously.

Innovative Features in Modern Loyalty Programs

When moving to Web3 technologies, the possibilities become almost endless. Customers can go their way and collect points here and there, no need for multiple accounts, remembering passwords or losing their loyalty cards – and thus all their points.

Besides extended features, the system also receives the enhanced security that comes together with Web3. Blockchain technology. This ensures that there are no fake loyalties or gift cards in the loop.

With blockchain technology and their use of ‘Tokens’, it was never easier to offer loyalties outside the restaurant business. We’ll show you many, unseen examples soon!

Benefits for Restaurants and Customers

For the restaurant-goer, gamification is always fun. They can do things and get rewarded for doing so. For example: If they try every starter on the menu, they get a free cocktail or after ordering 10 coffees, they get the 11th for free. A drawback for the customers in this case is that they receive a paper punch card or need to install a new app to be able to collect those loyalties from your restaurant. How many times did you forget your loyalty card when arriving at your local sandwich shop? Or lose your punch card…

For restaurants, it’s an ideal way to gain customers or to make sure your customers (or most of them) will return to your restaurant more than once. You can create collaboration deals with other restaurants or even retail stores that don’t have to do anything with it. You gain insights in not only your customers, but in everyone ones food interests and dining habits. This will be the biggest benefit for restaurants that VISIT can offer.

VISIT tries to be different to become one decentralized loyalty system for all restaurants at once. Customers only need one application for all their loyalties at once and restaurants can create their custom loyalty deals, have their own branded interface, and gain insights into the entire world of restaurant consumption.

How Web3 Technology Is Shaping the Future

A smartphone is indispensable in todays world. Everyone has one and is also used to purchasing through their phone. For public transport tickets, making banking transactions, or tapping their phone to pay in some cases. The Apple & Google wallets are good examples that users who want to have all their cards in one place. For one simple reason: it’s fast & easy to use.

Because of COVID, every restaurant or bar needed to introduce a QR code as a physical menu was not allowed for a short period. This worked so well, that even today restaurants are still not going back to physical menus but simply keep using the QR-scan system. In some restaurants, they take it even further and keep the QR system to make customers order through the app.

With VISIT, we try to embrace these new technologies and will pioneer the Web3 space with our blockchain loyalty wallet. Custom restaurant tokens, collectibles, NFTs, digital currencies, … all easily accessible through one easy-to-use application: our VISIT app.

How to Implement a Successful Restaurant Loyalty Program

To ensure both consumers and restaurants benefit the most from the loyalty system, restaurants can promote their current deals actively on their website, social media, and in their restaurant locations. Give people a small reward when they leave a review, or give them a personalized deal for their birthday: if they come with a party of 4, the birthday girl/boy can dine for free.

Gamification is also a big winner to interact with your customers and offer them a unique dining experience by giving them small quests to complete, in exchange for a small reward each time.

The VISIT app is decentralized, so anyone can see all transactions on the chain. As it runs on Web3 technology, users can do whatever they want with their loyalties but keeping the future in mind: the rewards they collect today might be of use in the future when a metaverse becomes bigger and bigger. There is almost no limit anymore with the Web3 technology and that’s what we want to showcase without the VISIT loyalty program.


The possibilities with a Web3 loyalty program are almost endless. One of the biggest benefits for customers is that they can have all their loyalties in one place, making sure they can’t lose it or forget it. It runs entirely on the Blockchain, making the VISIT loyalty app decentralized, private, anonymous, and secure. Customers will share their data, but remain anonymous and can choose themselves which data they want to share.

For restaurants, this offers a unique way to open an entirely new world of deals and promotions they can offer their customers. Without having to create their application, they can easily subscribe to the VISIT loyalty system. Competing with the bigger chains that do invest big-time in their own private digital loyalty wallet.

The Brussels Times recently posted an article “The days of the paper receipt in Belgium are numbered” on their website. The article discusses Wallonia’s initiative to reduce the environmental impact of shopping receipts. Wallonia banned the mandatory use of paper receipts, allowing customers to request them only if needed. This move aims to prevent the annual destruction of four million trees for producing receipts in Belgium, aligning with the region’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

payment terminal

The current problem with digital receipts

Today, some of the restaurants or coffee shops don’t hand over any ticket at all. If you require one for your bookkeeping, for splitting the bill, or simply for your finances – you need to explicitly request one. This is good, as there aren’t any tickets printed for the majority of customers who don’t need or want one.

But, if you do request one, some ask you to enter your email address, and the receipt gets mailed to you. Fair enough, but this simply does not work. Entering your email address takes way too long. This is because if they need to email it to you, you need to register yourself as a customer in their system. Besides that, entering your email address on the tablet takes more time in general than simply getting a paper ticket handed to you.

If there’s a line waiting, this comes with an additional amount of stress. And then the best part sometimes is… the ticket will NEVER arrive in your inbox. Did they forget to click send? Are their email servers, not set up correctly and the system actually cannot send? This is a big problem if you need the receipt to match your bookkeeping on a business trip for example.

Early Stages

With VISIT we want to erase the use of paper receipts, yet keep your receipts as easily accessible as possible. Currently, we don’t have the power to remove any paper tickets. The Visit application allows you to take a picture of your receipt and earn VISIT tokens in return. Your receipt is stored; if someone else scans your ticket afterward, they will receive a duplicate. This makes it so that everyone who needs the receipt can have it – and we validate if the ticket is already in the system. The duplicate validation is mainly to prevent double rewards from being awarded to multiple users.

The Goal

We invest in a better future. What’s a better future? One without the wait. One without the stress of a line with people looking at you while you enter your email address, one without paper tickets for the trees and the water. One where you receive the ticket you asked for!

Our system will make it super easy for you to receive and manage all your receipts. For the moment focussing only on restaurants and bars, but the ideal dream would be a paperless world for any store and easy access to any of your tickets – without you needing to do anything in particular for it.

Fast, easy, future-proof.

Hello world! Welcome to VISIT. A next-gen loyalty platform to create just one, global loyalty platform for everyone. The goal is simple: no app for every restaurant, but just one that you can use for all of them. There’s more: the app will work in every restaurant! Even if the restaurant is not subscribed to our loyalty system, you’re still able to scan the ticket and receive your rewards.

Damn loyalties

Loyalties are the best and I assume most restaurants or bars work with them. The problem is that they’re either on paper, so you need to carry it with you all the time. Or do the classic face-palm if they’re asking for your loyalty card and you forgot it at home or lost it somewhere.

The other option is that the restaurant has a digital loyalty system. But also here we have the problem that you either need to install an app to get the loyalties (like Starbucks, McDonald’s, …). For each chain or bar you go to, you need to install a new application. Chances are that you like to save up for some special deals, but you only use the app once a month as you’re not eating or drinking there occasionally.

This makes you install the application again after a while – and you lose your loyalties – or not install the app in the first place and won’t participate in any type of deals the restaurant offers.

Third-party loyalties

Sometimes restaurants and bars work with another platform that will take care of this. In that case, you don’t need any specific application, but you can install or use their website to collect some loyalty points. But one thing you can’t skip is the account creation. The restaurants may all use the same system, you need to create an account for each of them separately. Create an individual account with your email and password or login everywhere with your Facebook or Google account.

Your data is sold

The data of your account is sold. It’s unprotected, they all know who you are, what you do, what your eating/drinking habits are, … The restaurant and the global platform above know exactly who you are. That data is priceless and for restaurants, it’s super easy. They pay a monthly subscription and they can offer special deals to their customers.

However, the loyalty system behind all of this has all of that data as well and will sell it to whoever is willing to pay for it.

One app to serve and protect!

Meet VISIT. The app will protect your privacy with Web3 technologies. So everything is anonymous, yet everyone can see your data. You own your data and select what’s visible and what’s not. All your shopping, eating, and drinking habits are protected behind your Web3 Wallet. You can do whatever you like, sell your tokens, trade them for something else, or hoard them after every meal, …

This opens a whole new world of restaurant enjoyment and the loyalty cards we currently know. Join VISIT today and start earning your rewards, even when the restaurants aren’t VISIT members. it’s up to you if you want to score loyalty points or not.